SENSIBLE WORDS About Natural Gas
Natural gas leaks are rare. But they can happen. Your senses will alert you if a leak occurs.
Sight - Escaping gas affects the nutrients in soil, so discolored soil or dead vegetation near a pipeline may indicate a leak. Dirt or water blowing up from the ground may indicate a natural gas leak.
Sound - Natural gas leaks may make a hissing or a high-pitched whistling noise. Noises will vary based on the line pressure.
Smell - A strong odor of natural gas can indicate unburned fuel in the air. Because the gas is odorless, a sulfur based odorant is added to give it a rotten-egg smell that warns of its presence. Be alert for this odorant or any petroleum smell.
If you believe a natural gas leak is occurring, leave the area immediately and notify Peoples by calling
or dial 9-1-1.
If you plan excavation work, remember to contact the Pennsylvania One Call System at least three business days before digging to have our facilities located. Dial 811.
Call before you dig-it's the law.

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